Gaetano’s Italian Restaurant 70th Anniversary Celebration, November 7 -11

Happy Customers at Gaetano's Italian Food 70th Birthday Party

Tuesday – Anniversary kickoff with Speakeasy Night and “Tapping the Hooch” celebration (5 PM) with special “white dog” whiskey from Spirit Hound distillers, plus Gaetano’s debut of Spirit Hound’s Aged Whiskey and special retro whisky cocktails. Wednesday – “History of the Smaldone Family” with former Denver Post columnist and book author Dick Kreck (3 PM) . Throwback cocktail happy hour with an additional list of gin cocktails made with Spirit Hound gin. Thursday – Lunch time Mob Tours of the neighborhood ($30, reservations required). Buses leave at 11 AM and 1 PM. Evening release (5 PM) of a special anniversary …

Gaetano’s Unveils New Menu

Gaetano's Serving Delicious New Options

In advance of its upcoming 70th anniversary celebration, Gaetano’s is launching its first significant menu change in four years at the revered Italian restaurant. Kevin Savoy, Executive Chef at Gaetano’s, is directing the new menu effort. Savoy signed on with the venerable establishment last year, he’s a restaurant industry veteran who has worked with some of the city’s most acclaimed chefs including Frank Bonnano, Matt Selby and Goose Sorenson. Savoy says you must proceed with caution when updating a new menu in a legendary place like Gaetano’s. “We can’t alienate our regulars,” he says. “But the neighborhood is changing and …