Gaetano’s Team

Gaetano's Ron-Robinson

Robinson helped Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper build Wynkoop Brewing Co. In the years since Wynkoop took over Gaetano’s, there have been a few changes. At one point, Robinson said, the restaurant underwent major renovations and the menu went down from about 60 items to 10, driving away some of the old-timers and regulars. When Robinson left Wynkoop and bought Gaetano’s from them in 2013, he started to bring things back to normal.  Robinson stated, “It’s nice to have this, because Gaetano’s is an icon.”


kevin savoy chef gaetanos

Chef Kevin Savoy, joined Gaetano’s in 2016.  Savoy, is diligent about making sure Gaetano’s keeps with tradition while also staying fresh. He’s sticking with specialties like lasagna, chicken parmesan, and caprese, while adding more modern touches like flatbread and bottomless mimosa brunch. Savoy states, “We’re obviously more of an Italian old-school supper club, so we’re never gonna get rid of the marsalas, never gonna get rid of the piccatas — that type of stuff. We’ll always have caprese, we’ll always have a pesto and cream of some type, have a variety of pasta and all the ravioli and stuff,” he said. “I mean, the combination has worked for this place forever …. We’re not really changing the formula, we’re just injecting some new, modern Italian things into the old-school.”

ashley karst

Ashley Karst has managed bars and restaurants in Denver  Colorado for over 12 years.  Karst has been with Gaetano’s since 2015. In addition to Manager, she is Gaetano’s Banquets and Catering Director. Karst states, “Banquet and Catering is very special to me, being part of someone’s special event is very exciting and Gaetano’s wants to make your experience a memorable one.  I put 100% into each client’s event to ensure the food and presentation are the best.  Gaetano’s  provides traditional old school food as well as modern cuisine. Together we can design and customize your Banquet or Catering menu for your special event.”